Lea hinz



My second own production in Las Vegas just happened! Stay tuned for footage from an emotional and unconventional experiment

German news

Many thanks to Goettinger Tageblatt for the kind report


A week full of shows, meetings, encounters


Significant changes in our industry, big changes for me… Stay tuned.

It’s a wrap

Bye Germany – hope to see you soon. Back in the US.

MIROIR magazine

Honored to have a feature of 16 pages, follow this link for a free PDF version or to purchase the print publication

The Greatest Gig In The Sky

Currently directing and producing a new project in stunning nature, with all kinds of specialty effects ;)

Back in Las Vegas

After another amazing contract in Ibiza I’m excited for new projects to come :)

Fan art

An amazing live painting by Jacob Lester-Trend


I’ve been working on a new and exciting project with my partner in crime :) CIMENTADA

The Next Life

Book your tickets, bring proof of vaccination and share some smiles with us!!

Did a thing…

Still can’t believe how patient and passionate everyone involved was!! So much talent all around.


This was a much needed day off with dear friends. Body&mind are ready for the next projects :)

The Void

I’m proud to present the full video of my latest passion project. I hope you’ll enjoy watching.

Phase 2

Still in Las Vegas. Still creating, training and trying to stay positive.

Phase 1

Nevada has started to open up. After weeks of hard training I’ve treated myself to some paddle boarding fun with good friends at Lake Las Vegas

New skills

Working on a different kind of hoop act during COVID-19


Performing with old and new friends, like the lovely Yuan. Thanks to the whole team of OVAG – 2020 here we go!!

In the news

The story of my act "Mirror" is in the newspaper

Big news!!

I’ll be back in Germany soon. I’m looking forward to performing for OVAG and I’m hoping to see many friends and familiar faces

PK 18

Making friends with locals can take you to stunning places

Back in the office

After many lovely adventures I’ll be back on stage from tomorrow on!


I’m enjoying my week off on the Big Island of Hawaii – eating poke, hiking in the rainforest and swimming with dolphins

Hovey Burgess

A circus legend is watching both shows from the front row tonight


Another pleasant VIP to meet… P!NK

Moving in!!

Today I got the keys for my first own apartment in Las Vegas! Thanks, Ross&Co.! Let the furniture hunt begin…

Celine Dion

What a treat to meet this wonderful woman! Her Vegas' performances can be found here – go go go!

Last show tonight

What a great team!! OHLALA is coming to its end in Zurich but we’ll be heading straight into a week of performances in Lausanne, tickets here

Out Of Control

Mr. bossman can be satisfied – the show is getting standing ovations and some really good reviews


We’re ready to seduce you – get your tickets here and be OUT OF CONTROL with us ;)

Newest project…

Rehearsals have started, I’m super-excited. This team is sexy, crazy and artistic indeed :)

Hasta la próxima

I couldn’t be more grateful to have performed in this stunning venue, to have seen many old friends and to have made awesome new ones… I’ll be back in Ibiza for sure!

Last week in Ibiza

Looking foreward to some more dives – during the day into the Mediterranean, at night into the pool of LÍO

Back at LÍO

I got to do my first show of this season on my birthday

Ibiza calling

Looking foreward to performing in LÍO during the next weeks as well as to having a good time with my friends from Public Work who have sponsored one of my favorite training shirts – hasta luego ;)

Europe bound

This is my awesome rigger, Anne. Our last performance at Absinthe is done – for now. Some exciting summer projects in Europe are coming up…


I’ve arrived well in Las Vegas and had a wonderful first night of performances. Thanks to the whole cast&crew of Absinthe!

Big news!

I’ll move back to Las Vegas tomorrow – stay tuned :)